Sikk MX products and Street Legal Moto Conversions

Carma Motorsports is a dealer for Sikk MX products.  Sikks’ great Trail 125cc seemed like a great platform for an urban attack vehicle.  With some hard work and custom parts Carma was able to produce a street legal version. With a 125cc motor and 4 speed transmission this 160 pound bike flies.  Able to tuck into the smallest spots and climb up and over anything, this bike is a blast. 

Currently that last demo model has been sold, but we are able to recreate this mini-beast at anytime.  Let us know what you want, we can make it happen!

Here is the street legal version made at Carma.  With custom shorty exhaust, cut down seat, cut down seat supports, custom made rear brake lights and holders, custom twin projector head lights, street tires, tag bracket, etc…

Fun, fun, and more fun.  This bike has made it up and down flights of stairs, off loading docks, and all around town.  Might even be time to build another.   

What do you want us to make yours look like?