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Save Money at the Pump — up to $250 a year!
Take Advantage of the BG Fuel/Air Induction System Service, Specialized for Performance Enhancement

We’ve pushed it before. Carma newsletters have mentioned it, we’ve had sales on it. Still, it’s such a valuable service that Carma feels the need to mention it yet again — the BG Fuel / Air Induction System Service. This highly beneficial service thoroughly cleans carbon deposits from the intake and induction system, valves, injectors, and pistons. The math, according to the news report below, works out to saving the consumer $500 every 30,000 miles, or $320 after covering the cost of the service!

But don’t just take Carma’s word for it, and don’t just take BG Product’s word for it — Carma has come across a news report independently backing our claims!