Carma Motorsports Indy Car

Carma Motorsports presents
“The closest you can get to a motorcycle on four wheels”. 

Indy car carma motorsport

Carma Motorsports is now “pushing the envelope” of driving by offering the first street legal Indy car. If you are looking for the feeling, looks, and performance of a real race car that can be used for everyday driving, this is the one. Powered by a Chrysler High Output V6 turning out over 250-horse power and pushing only 1960 pounds, this car reaches 0-60 in only 4.8 seconds.

You will flying by any production BMW or Mercedes, the Acura NSX, the Nissan 350Z, the Ferrari 355, and even giving Vipers and Diablos a run for their money. The Indy car reaches the 1\4 mile in a screaming 12.9. With an adjustable drivers seat, automatic transmission, two seater option, canopy option, and A\C option, this car is a real pleasure to drive. Street legal in all 50 states, and easy to maintain, this car makes it possible for automobile enthusiasts to capture the true feeling of an open wheeled race car.

**SPECIAL** Now selling our Demo Indy Car for $35K!!! Contact Carma for info.

Please contact Alex Chester at Carma Motorsports for any further information.